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19 April 1986
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My name is Sharon. I'm 24...oh em gee im old. I graduated from Christopher Newport University (in Newport News, Virginia with a major in Theater and concentration in Directing and Dramatic Literature (screenwriting). I also minored in English Literature and Film Studies. I have been working for several years now as a custome designer at many different theatres. One of my favorite places I worked was Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. My family is Dad, Mom, twin sister (Michelle), and brother (Phil). My animals are Angel (our Husky) and Mr. Cat (pretty obvious who that is). Chris (my boyfriend) and I are living in Denver at the moment. He has a beautiful daughter who is so dang smart. My life mostly revolves around work and theatre, my friends, family, and of course God.

Life is big and difficult and despite what I know I know, I know there is always more to know. Every day is a new day to be happy or sad, but its a moment that will build to what God has for the future.